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Condos market red hot | Multiple offers now common

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Condo apartments in the GTA still offer an affordable way for first-time buyers and investors to get into the real estate market, but prices are rising and multiple offers are now common on the most popular units and locations. Like the detached home market, prices are being driven up by the lack of listings. New listings are down by 9 per cent compared to this time last year, while sales are up ...Read More

By: Todor Yordanov

The TRUTH about Condos and Real Estate in GTA in Pictures and Stats

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The truth about Condos and Real Estate in GTA   Let’s have a simple conversation and understand what’s behind Real Estate.   This picture shows you the fifth and sixth floor of a building and the roofline.   It also shows the year it was built and the year it was renovated last. Yes, it was built in 1360.   The picture doesn’t show you: Location? - &nb...Read More

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Lessons from My Dinner with George H. Ross

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It took Amarosa and a reality TV show called The Apprentice to make George famous.   Never mind that in his 65 years of practicing Real Estate Law he’s done more real estate transactions than any lawyer in New York. And he’s been a professor at NYU for 20 years teaching a course on negotiations!   What an absolute pleasure to meet and spend a bit of time with this 85 ye...Read More

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You KNOW you have a GREAT Deal When?

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You know you have a great deal when you receive a reply like this: True Story and True Reply to my email to a VIP Condo Project Sale Hi Todor,   By coincidence this project is 2 blocks from my work. A couple of weeks ago I and 2 co-workers stopped there to ask for details. They share the list of prices and conditions and in general were the same than other projects: 5% a...Read More

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Do you have any Joint Venture Partners?

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Have you ever wondered why it’s so tough finding joint venture investors?   If you have jvs or not…   You know it takes some effort to find people and have them give you 50k…   But that’s not what the gurus’ want us to believe right?   Just go “talk to everyone and anyone” about real estate they say…   Turns out that doesn...Read More

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You Are Invited: OWN WITH $7445* - VIP Prices from $328,900 - ONE DAY ONLY Event

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  You are Invited to a VIP Condo Event for:   KING SIXTY CONDOS   One Night Only   OWN WITH $7445*  Buy It For Yourself OR Your Children* INVESTORS  EARN 15.2% RETURN PER YEAR* ask me HOW   VIP Prices from $328,900* Own or Invest  with Positive Cash Flow from Day One*    FULLY FURNISHED ...Read More

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WHY Home Prices will Continue to Go UP - The Simple ANSWER for YOU

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        People in Ontario generally do the following when they have money: Put it in the bank  Buy Mutual Funds or Stocks Buy Real Estate (leveraged)? Look at the following few pictures and see WHAT, WHY and WHERE of real estate in GTA. It is simple.  This graph shows you the prices in GTA over the last 45 years.  6.1% Annual Increa...Read More

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The reverse is not usually true or the same!

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When a brown guy says "you white folks all look the same" it's funny. But not the other way around.  Investing your money may have some risk. But keeping it and doing nothing does not make it safe!   ...Read More

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Who is eating YOUR lunch - Simple vs. Compound Interest

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Do you know the difference? REALLY know the difference?!? Most people are unaware of the details on their largest Liability and the most agressive interest bearing debt. Watch as Chris explains and think about the implications as they apply to you.   ...Read More

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BMO says go fixed... I say go figure it out for yourself: Fixed vs variable mortgage rates

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Posted by Calum Ross   Fixed or variable ?  This may very well be one of the most asked questions I get as a mortgage broker. Last week, two Bank of Montreal economists, Douglas Porter and Benjamin Reitzes, surprised many people by saying that fixed rate options are a better option to variable rates. Below I provide my own perspective on some of ...Read More